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VIA20 (English version)

Tonight a new professional and human adventure has begun. The umpteenth, in my lucky never boring and eventful life (to strive to seek to find and not to yield, as Tennyson's Ulysses says).

A few months ago, in total secrecy, I sent my application to Google Education to follow their Innovation Academy, which this year, for reasons of force majeure, will take place online. I carefully wrote my application, collected all the materials I'd been producing over the last months, drafted my project and clicked. Submitted! I admit it: I would often wake up at night to check the inbox for the long awaited email. On the other hand I was very careful: they won't choose me, come on. Let's not think about it too often.

But a few days ago, there it was, the email: I had been onboarded, together with 78 other people all over the world, to follow this unique training path, which will allow me to meet teachers from other countries, share practices, deepen my knowledge, work on my project, rethink the way I teach. In three words, Transform, Advocate, Grow. I will attend weekly online classes, from August to October, a commitment that is no small thing, considering my frantic daily routine, but it is worth it, I know. It's a once-in-a-lifetime experience.

The kickoff, the meet-and-greet event, has just finished. Each of us spoke briefly about his or her own experience. Some of us got up on purpose: it was 3 a.m. somewhere in the world, while for others it was full day, but already tomorrow. For me it's almost midnight, someone would have walked 40 minutes to go home, because there's no electricity in his village to connect. It was an overwhelming emotion. When my turn came, I could hardly find the words, even though I am used at giving classes and holding courses, at managing also fairly large audiences.

I'm happy and grateful for this occasion. Good things will come. It can't be otherwise.

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